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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Batman - Dark Knight

Andy and I went to see the film at the Glasgow IMAX last night and I thought it was fantastic. I would go and see it all over again. It was a long running film but i didn't notice 2.5 hours of my life passing by because i was enjoying the film sequences so much. I thought Heath Ledger portrayal of the lunatic Joker was absolutely fantastic and that he outshone everyone else in the film.

It wasn't cheap to see it at the IMAX, £15.90 for a pair of tickets, but it was money well spent to get to see the IMAX sequences on an IMAX screen.

There was a lengthy queue to get in. We arrived about 40 mins before the show and by the time they started letting people in we were about half way along the queue and it had snaked outside the building. While we were waiting in the queue we bumped into a work colleague, Jim Henderson.

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