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Monday, August 11, 2008

Dinner at the Mussel Inn, Glasgow

After going to the movies Andy and I popped into the Mussel Inn and had some dinner. We decided to share a starter of Queen scallops in garlic butter and they were really full of flavour, so i would happily recommend them if you are ever there.

Then we decided to share a kilo pot of mussels in shallots and cream for our main course, and they came to the table piping hot and full of flavour. It was a great meal.

I hope to add a few photos taken on the night when i find the time to transfer them from my camera.

If reading this has made you hunger for something similar you could either view the restaurant website to make a reservation or alternatively if you feel like rustling something up at home try these recipes:

Queen Scallops http://www.nzclams.com/queen_scallops.php
Mussels in cream http://www.imagecookery.com/recview.php?r_hid=r920

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