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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Made tablet on Monday - recipe included in post

Great recipe taken from maw broons cookery book resulted in a tray and bit of tablet.
Took some over to Andy's folks and sister who was visiting from Wales - seemed to go down a storm.

The boss of Andy's boss is visiting his workplace on Wednesday so had made the tablet for Andy to take to work - since the visiting boss is English thought it would make something nice for them to share over a coffee.

1/2 pack of butter - melted slowly in a strong pot over a low heat
1kg of granulated sugar - add to the melted butter and soften slowly over low heat
1 cup of full fat milk - add to the sugar and butter and stir slowly over low heat until all the sugar disolved
1 tin of condensed milk - add to the combined ingredients and bring to the boil, boil gently for a few minutes then turn down to a very low heat and stir for about 20 mins - the mixture will darken in colour
Do a drop test - take a spoonsful of the very hot liquid out with a spoon and drop into a cup of cold water - leave to cool for a few mins then pour out the water and test the texture and taste - should be smooth and sweet
Providing it passes the test - turn off heat and pour into greased baking trays - be very careful the mixture is very hot at this stage.
Leave to cool for a bit of time - then score teh hardening mix into blocks and leave again for a while, then once totally cooled - eat and enjoy - really nice accompaniement for coffee

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